December 28th, 2019

How to Clean Microfiber

Microfiber is a resilient, durable fabric mainly used in clothing, towels, and furniture. Its appearance and plush feel make it a looked-for material. But when encountered with a tough mess, microfiber might not appear its finest. Based on the type and color of microfiber you use; stains might turn your upholstery into an eyesore. But don’t worry because cleaning microfiber has become quite easier now. After you finish cleaning microfiber, it appears brand new.

When it comes to cleaning microfiber, keep in mind that all microfiber is not at all created equal. Various kinds of microfiber fabrics are there. Before you clean microfiber, pay attention to the label of the manufacturer. Their directions need to be followed to get better outcomes.

However, while cleaning microfiber, it is vital to remember that elbow grease, water, an upholstery brush, and gentle soap can keep the fabric appearing new. The following post has tips to make microfiber cleaning easier.

The way you should clean microfiber:

The rule of thumb of cleaning microfiber upholstery: follow the instructions of the manufacturer religiously. Your microfiber upholstery perhaps came with instructions and information on how to clean the upholstered furniture. Check that information first.

In case you fail to find those instructions or even though you have managed to find them, then keep these important points in mind:

  • Microfiber is simply a man-made polyester fabric. The right upholstery brush, water, and gentle soap are what you need for keeping it clean.
  • Test a cleaner first in an unobtrusive spot.
  • While spot cleaning, consider using a soft cloth for rubbing in a circular motion. Allow the surface to dry on its own, then brush using the soft bristles and lift the microfibers and bring back the actual feel of the fabric.
  • If you want to dodge creating a spot, then clean the area gently in a circular motion
  • For deep cleaning your microfiber chair, sofa or other upholstery, you can use a machine that comes with a strong suction and sprays cleaner.
  • For best outcomes, clean spills at the earliest. Set-in stains would need more time and more work to clean.
  • Let the microfiber air dry after you clean it.
  • Consult an expert whenever in doubt.

Microfiber is easier to clean, and it can be maintained properly if you clean it the right way. If it is an accident from spilled food, a pet, grease or dirt, you should try to break the bonds of the tinges so that it can easily be lifted. We hope now you know how to clean microfiber.

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