August 19th, 2020

How To Keep Your Rugs In The Top Condition

Rugs can add a dramatic look in a room. They are a huge investment and therefore, keeping them in top condition is a concern. Here are a few tips that ensure your rug stays in top condition.

How to keep your rugs in the top condition

Know your rug:

Be sure that you know exactly what type of rug you own. Check out whether there is any kind of special care that you should do for your rug. Ensure that you also give this information to the Rug cleaning service provider.

Regular vacuuming:

Besides hiring a professional rug cleaner, regular vacuuming is what you can do for keeping your rug in good condition. Dirt, dust, and other materials would accumulate in the rug. You should eliminate those contaminants through regular vacuuming.

Try preventing spills:

One of the best ways to prevent stain on the rug is to repel spilling things on it. Keep drinks and food away from your rug.

Treat spills without delay:

Despite the best effort, one can never avoid spills on the rugs, right? When spills happen, make certain to treat it without delay. But if you’re unable to treat the spills, then call a professional rug cleaner.

Avoid sunlight:

Sunlight can fade your rug. So, try placing your rug in an area where it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Don’t forget to close the blinds to avoid overexposure.

Follow no-shoes policy:

Take off your shoes before stepping inside the house since your shoes carry a huge amount of dirt and other pollutants. And this can damage your rug.

Give protection from furniture:

The heavy feet of furniture can result in permanent damage and dent in your rugs. So, consider using protectors on the furniture’s feet to prevent damage.

Rotate the rug:

The areas of a rug that you walk on would start looking damaged and worn out much quicker. To stop this, rotate your rug frequently so that you can walk on a different part of it.

Eliminate pet hair:

If you want to keep your rug in a good stare, then remove pet hair. You will get a few tools, which you can run over the rug to eliminate these hairs.

Choose professional rug cleaning:

You should consider hiring a professional rug cleaning service. The best way to keep your rugs in good condition is to get it cleaned by professionals. Though vacuuming is important. But only vacuuming won’t eliminate all the build-up, which can occur in your rugs. Only professional rug cleaners have the necessary equipment and cleaning products that can remove everything from rug’s fibres.

So, follow these tips.

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