December 21st, 2019

Want to Buy the Right Rug Material for Your Home? Know the Options You have

Your living space is incomplete without a rug. However, with multiple options available, finding the finest one can seem like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

But today we are going to guide you in selecting the right rug material.

  • Wool Rugs Because the Quality is Superb:

Imaging a rug, which feels as similar and decadent as your dearest sweater? The wonderful soft pile of wool is ideal for lounging barefoot. The rich fibres of wool are completely crush-resistant hence they would bounce back for several years. In case you are looking for an easier-to-clean rug, then you should choose the Highland-resistant standard of wool.

  • Cotton Rugs Since They Provide Breathable Comfort and Cool Look:

If you want to have a natural, relaxed look in your living room, then cotton is the best rug material. Classic and crisp, it is an outstanding rug material for a place where you can lounge with your favourite book or meditate. A cotton rug is just like your favourite t-shirt – informal and snug – however super dependable.

  • Polypropylene Rug- An Economical Wool Alternative:

Polypropylene is as glamorous and dense wool that you can buy without spending a fortune. Easier to clean, water-resistant, and pretty durable, a polypropylene rug is not at all a common dish rag. Rather it is a smart material of the rug. You can choose this cheaper rug in trendy patterns and bold colours to make your house more stylish, cosier, and brighter.

  • Silk Rugs Because You Want to Add Some Drama to Your Living Room Décor:

Sophisticated and lovely, silk rug material offers an elegant softness and luxurious shimmer. Since silk is a highly decorative and delicate item, you would love to show it off; however, it is recommended to use this rug in low-traffic areas. But, if you really want to get a stylish designer look for your home, then the silk rug is your call.

  • The Incredible Embellishment of Viscose Rugs:

Viscose is a man-made soft fabric that comes up with an exquisite sheen. This material, in fact, mimics the low pile and smooth texture of silk hence now it is possible to achieve the sleek look and feel without breaking your bank. This thin material is ideal to create an intimate, stunning area wherein you are not searching for a plush rug. Due to its romantic and lavish vibes, viscose is perfect for faking a comforting hotel gateway in your home.

When it comes to buying an area rug, let the salesperson know your individual needs because they can help you to choose the best one to understand your needs.

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