October 21st, 2020

How Often Should You Professionally Clean Your Rug

In case you own a vacuum cleaner, you may think that your rug is clean and tidy. Vacuuming them once or twice a week keeps your rugs looking and feeling fresh. Therefore, that’s good, right?No, it’s not enough, unfortunately.

It hardly matters whom you ask, experts tell you that deep cleaning your rug is needed and it is a vital household chore. It would not just pull out bacteria and grime, which are hiding deep down in rugs but also, in many cases, it is obligatory to maintain your warranty.

But you might wonder how often you should clean your rug professionally. Well, here we’ve discussed the frequency of rug cleaning in detail.

You place it in a high foot traffic area:

You need to clean your rug very often if you place them in a high foot traffic area like in your living area, entryways, and hallways. This is because dirt and dust accumulate over time and if you have a deep-coloured rug, then it will become difficult for you to notice them. So, you should opt for professional rug cleaning if your rug smells bad or it looks not that fresh.

You have allergy issues:

Now you have known that dirt, dust, pollen, and harmful things can accumulate in a rug, right? These things can trigger or aggravate your allergy issues. To avoid your allergy problems, you should consider cleaning your rugs frequently.

You have young children or four-legged friends:

Do you have kids at home? Or furry friends? Yes? Sounds great? But did you know that your pet can track in dirt, dust, and other contaminants inside your house? Not just your pets, but your kids can bring dirt from outside that can ruin the look and feel of your rugs. Moreover, rugs can easily trap bacteria, germs, mould, and kids are likely to be exposed enough to this kind of contamination in the rug since they oftentimes spend several hours playing on the rug. So, it is always wise to hire a rug cleaner and get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once in six months.

You wear shoes at home:

Do you wear shoes at home? Well, wearing your shoes while staying at home may imply that your rugs need to be cleaned very often.

Taken as a whole, if you vacuum your rug regularly and treat stains without delay, then you have the luxury to hire a professional just once a year.

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